Arkansas Razorbacks Football Pays Tribute to History with Throwback Jerseys

The Arkansas Razorbacks Football team is honoring its storied history with the introduction of special edition throwback jerseys for the 2021 season. These Arkansas Razorbacks Football Jersey celebrate iconic moments in Razorback football and serve as a reminder of the enduring legacy of the program.

The throwback home jerseys feature the classic Razorback red and white color scheme, reminiscent of the team’s early triumphs. Each jersey proudly displays the player’s number on the chest and back, showcasing a vintage aesthetic. These jerseys are free from modern logos and accents, allowing the rich heritage of the team to shine through.

The throwback away jerseys feature an elegant white base, providing a clean canvas for the cardinal red stripes on the sleeves. Similar to the home jerseys, the away jerseys embrace a simple and authentic design, devoid of contemporary logos.

Head coach Sam Pittman expressed his admiration for the throwback jerseys, stating, “These jerseys pay homage to the legends that came before us and laid the foundation for Razorback football. It is an honor to wear these jerseys and uphold the traditions of this storied program. I hope our players will wear them with pride and honor the legacy of those who came before them.”

The introduction of these special edition throwback jerseys allows fans and players alike to reminisce about the history and accomplishments of the Razorbacks. Stepping onto the field wearing these jerseys, the team will embody the spirit and determination that has defined Razorback football for generations.

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